How does the rest of that go? Here in Yellow Springs we have our own slice of heaven on earth (inside the beer cooler).

My favorite beers from this area are made by Bell’s in Kalamazoo. Now Bell’s has an upstart rival in their own backyard; Dark Horse is brewing some tasty ones, too. At the moment we have Dark Horse Amber, IPA, and their reserve special black beer. We just obtained a very minute quantity of their extra special and incredibly rare Perkulator Coffee Doppelbock and their One oatmeal stout ale.

I neglected to include some English seasonal beverages in my last post. We have the Lump of Coal stout, Bad Elf ale, and the barleywine style Criminally Bad Elf. We sold out of the Santa’s Butt right away. I might have more on Tuesday…

Other new brews of particular lusciousness are: Founder’s Imperial Stout, Left Hand Fade to Black stout ale, Magic Hat Feast of Fools winter variety packs, and the incredible rare and awesome Avery Dugan A IPA. It is like their Maharajah IPA but of imperial magnitude.

I’m the beer dude.

Vick Mickunas