Greetings all! Welcome to the Emporium Wines/Underdog Cafe e-newsletter for November 2009.

A few updates, before we begin:

– Check out our new Flickr gallery, of our friends’ Emporium-related photos – – if you’re on Flickr, let us know about your photos and we’ll add them to the gallery!

– New photos of Friday music by Iris Maria Heller –

– An updated bread and fall muffin schedules are now online –

– We were mentioned in the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s now-famous article on YS, woo hoo! –

an update on the ART SHOW:
November-December’s art show by Kathleen McMillan will not be up until Wed., Nov. 11. Jeff Sutherland’s show will remain in the interim.

Without further ado…


Friday evening wine-tasting line-up
Wine tasting begins at around 6:30; music begins around 7; everything ends around 10.

11/6 – YS’s own Honkytonk Boys with Carl Schumacher
11/13 – YS’s own Wildwater
11/20 – YS’s own The Hoppers perform 50s and 60s rock, pop, & dance
11/27 – Anna & Milovan Beljin from Cincinnati perform acoustic pop/folk/blues –

Every Sunday in November
Writing Dreams Workshop
Explore your dreams in a creative writing class with Iris at the Emporium. Iris Maria Heller is a media teacher from Germany. Her special field is the affinity between dream and film. She will inspire and guide you through writing down, exploring, and inventing dreams in a playful, filmic and creative way. There will be myths, criminal stories, comics, thrillers, and who knows what more! All you need to bring is paper, a pen, and a dream image, landscape or fragment. For registration call Iris at 937-831-2976 or just show up. Classes are offered for free; donations are welcome.

Sunday, November 1
Your last chance: Meet & greet Benji Maruyama, Dave Turner, and Anne Erickson
Discuss education and School District issues with select School Board candidates.

Sunday, November 1
Valerie Blackwell-Truitt Farewell Party
Valerie, a 30-year resident of Yellow Springs, is moving to Colorado in November. Come and say goodbye!

Thursday, November 5
Wham Bam (Thank You Slam) Spoken Arts Revue/Open Mic
theme: stuff you wrote when you were a kid. Short stories, poems, diary entries, letters, and more from childhood and adolescence. Poignancy, honesty, and embarrassing laughter for our inner children and ourselves! To sign up, show up early or e-mail

Saturday, November 14
Really Really Free Market
A Really Really Free Market is like a mixed-bag potluck, or a free flea market. Stuff, fun, entertainment—whatever we as a community can come together & share. Bring usable items, food, & talents—to give for the sake of giving. Don’t have anything on-hand? Come & see what others are sharing. No barter or trade: You don’t have to give to get or get to give. (FYI: The Underdog Café is merely host to our RRFM. You still have to pay for stuff from the store!) More info: &

Saturday, November 14
Save Energy – Save Money
Reception and wine tasting for a Free Seminar on Energy Efficient on Energy Efficient Building and Retrofit. Cosponsored by Community Solutions and net0home Inc.

The last Monday of every month (November 30)
Cribbage Club
Come and play cribbage with us! All are welcome. Lessons available.