Here at the Emporium we have lots of summer beers. I have tried them all and I have chosen the best. Here they are:

Dogfish Head Festina Peche–If you have ever had wheat beer in Berlin you know how tart it can be. That’s why they drop a dollop of fruit syrup into your glass to provide a refreshing counterpoint for the astringency of the beer. I had never had anything that compares in this country, until now. Festina Peche has all the puckering tartness of a Berliner weiss and they have thrown in some peach concentrate to give you that savory suppleness that the syrup would lend if you were quaffing like a Berliner. Perfect lawnmower beer. Low alcohol so you can imbibe without fear.

Anchor Steam Summer Beer–Dogfish Head is east coast brew (from Delaware). From the left coast we have the pride of San Francisco, the grandpa of the micro-brew set, Anchor Steam. Their summer beer is an amazingly complex wheat beer that goes down as easy as a summer rainstorm. Refreshing and revivifying.

Schneider/Brooklyner Hopfen Weisse–A collaborative effort of Schneider, the eminent Bavarian producer of legendary brews like Aventinus and Garrett Oliver of the Brooklyn Brewery. I didn’t know what to expect? It is a hefty 8.2 % alcohol and the perfect marriage of delicate German wheat style with hammerin’ Amerikan hoppiness. Wow! Bring me another!

There you have my favorite summer quaffings… I’m Vick (the beer guy) Mickunas.