Beer…Beer…Beer…Beer…get’em while they’re cold! Hey, it’s Vick, the Emporium Beer Guy and do I have brews for you! It’s the Xmas season. How do I know? Well, first off, the Happy Hedgeball season ended last week. That was my first clue. Second, I noticed lines outside Wall-Mart at midnight. Whussup wit dat? Thirdly, and MOST telling, the XMAS BEERS are here!

From Belgium we have the super limited and utterly tasty N’Ice Chouffe. This 750 ml. behemoth is flavored with spices, thyme, and curacao peel. For those spicey Xmas thymes!!

We have some awesome giftpacks from Germany. There’s the Weinhenstephan Pack. It has bottles of their benchmark hefe-weiss AND a gorgeous beerglass. HEY, they are only the oldest brewery in the world! Coming up in just a few years they will be celebrating their millennial anniversary. Incredible! A thousand years of brewing and still in biz! YAY!

Then there’s another German fave, the Schneider Gift Packs. Another tantalizing collection of tasty brews with a special glass. Get’em fast cuz they won’t last!

Seasonal craft brews from the good ole’ USA are rolling in faster than hedgeballs on the highway. There’s the Anderson Valley Solstice Ale, the Avery Old Jubilation, the Abita Xmas, the Stoudt’s Winter Ale, the Boulder Never Summer, the Lakefront Holiday Spiced Ale, and the Tommyknocker Cocoa Porter.

We also have our special Emporium Beer Gift Packs. I make those up myself and for a limited time only when you buy one of my special packs you will find a bottle of Farson’s Lacto Stout inside your gift pack. It’s from Malta and it’s very hard to come by.

So, it’s all brew to you (and me too!) Happy Holidaze!!

Vick (the beer guy) Mickunas