OK, I admit that have been remiss in my duties as the Emporium Beer Guy. While I have kept up with my duties in stocking all the new beers that keep spilling my way I have fallen behind in the quaffing and the imbibing and as a result, in the DESCRIBING and the POSTING.

The last time I checked, it was still October and the pumpkin ales and Octoberfest beers were still flowing. Granted, there are still a few lonely bottles remaining of those brews but just like the Xmas decorations in the malls BEFORE Halloween the seasonal beers are arriving in a tsunami of delectable varieties.

The English variants have arrived, the old reliables like BAD ELF, SANTA’s BUTT, LUMP OF COAL, and RUDOLPH’s REVENGE. This year we also have the CRIMINALLY BAD ELF. Another Brit Brew of note is the ALE MARY. Let us pray.

All the American variants are arriving, the Sierra Nevadas and the Saranacs, etc.

The most notable beverages to arrive in my estimation are two extremely limited products from the dearly beloved Bell’s Brewery; the HELL HATH NO FURY Belgian style ale is superb! We still have a little bit left. This one will cellar well. Then there is the Bell’s HOPSLAM. My…My….My….the hops will crush you with flavor and it is STRONG! Oh my.

So, I’m back in the trenches and I’m bailing beer like a madman. It’s hard work and I’m not a strong swimmer but these beers were brewed for quaffin’ and that’s just what I’ll do.

Vick “the beer guy” Mickunas