September is the most beautiful month in SW Ohio. The goldenrod is turning golden. The poison ivy is a lovely shade of crimson. The hostas bloom in delicate profusion. It’s almost harvest time and the harvest beers, pumpkin ales, and Octoberfest brews are wafting their fulsome scents from brewhouse to your house.

The Emporium coolers are bursting with the fruits of the grains. The Summit, Harpoon, and Dogtoberfest Octoberfest beers have sold out already. More is on the way. I hope.

Never fear, more October brews are here. There is the Dominion Octoberfest, Weyerbacher Octoberfest, Spaten Octoberfest, and my personal favorite, Avery’s The Kaiser Imperial Octoberfest.

We also have the Southern Tier Harvest Ale. They call it Quadrupulus Humulus Lupulus. Kentucky’s Blue Grass Brewing has released Hell For Certain Belgian style ale in 25.4oz. bottles. We also have Stone’s 10th Anniversary IPA and a couple of new pumpkin beverages; the New Holland Ichabod Pumpkin Ale and the Weyerbacher Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

The real treasure arrived this week. It’s the extremely limited Great American Beer Fest 25th Year Beer produced by Boulder Brewing. You need to move fast on this one. It comes in 22 oz. bottles.

It’s hard work. I work hard. I plan to observe Labor Day with a couple of cold ones. Ah, my work is never done!

Vick (the beer guy) Mickunas