After many years of devoted scrutiny I have found a way to detect the arrival of late August without perusing a calendar. So,how do I do it? I look in the beer cooler. Do you see those fresh Octoberfest beers in there? Voila! Welcome to late August. That’s right, the Octoberfest beers are here. The first one to arrive was a most excellent brew from Summit Brewing in Saint Paul. Close behind was the Dogtoberfest from Colorado’s Flying Dog Brewery and Boston’s Harpoon Octoberfest.

When you think of October (OK, late August) what else comes to mind (besides Octoberfest) that other thing? Halloween! It’s true, late August is also the time when we start to see the pumpkin ales. We have several in stock already, the most notable (so gourd for you!) is the Dogfish Head Punkin from tiny Delaware.

Other brews worthy of note in our waning summer daze; the Beyond the Best of Deus. This Flanders Ale (not Ned Flanders) from Belgium is a treasure, a champagne style Cuvee Prestige 2002. Yummeth!

One other tres magnifique brew amonks us these days is also from Belgium. The Saint Bernardus 60th Anniversary Abbey Ale-ABT12 has arrived. This limited edition gem comes in a lovely commemorative tin that will be treasured by savants who take that luscious plunge.


Vick (the beer guy) Mickunas