I never cease to be amused by the inventiveness of our American craft brewers. They don’t need much of an excuse to brew up another tasty batch of whatever. Anniversaries are a favorite pretext to concoct something exotic. For example; The pride of Louisiana, Abita Brewing is celebrating their 20th anniversary with their 20th Anniversary Pilsener. California’s Lagunitas celebrates 10 years with their Crispy Summer Ale. Colorado’s Avery marks their 13th with Weizen Doppelbock, 22 ouncers at a hefty 9.5% alcohol content. Minnesota’s Summit Brewing marks their 20th with 12 packs of their 20th Extra Special Bitter Ale.

But really, who needs anniversaries to brew up something special? Michigan’s Bell’s Brewing just put out 5 liter kegs of their flagship Oberon Ale. Colorado’s Left Hand has their super-hopped Twin Sisters IPA in corked 750ml. bottles. At a whopping 9.6% alcohol, these bottle conditioned jewels are flying out the door. Colorado’s Great Divide has just put out 4-packs of their Yeti Imperial Stout and Hercules Double IPA.

Our top selling beer this summer is Bell’s Oberon Ale in 6-packs. Some new favorites this week: Lagunitas special release; Sirius Cream Ale. This high gravity brew is smooth and silky. Then there is the Lagunitas Chronic…I mean CENSORED. Apparently, the State of California had some qualms about this rich copper ale with the now banned appellation. The beers just keep on flowing into the Emporium. I’m falling behind in my work.Slipping on the suds, I’m Vick “the beer guy” Mickunas signing quaff for now.